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Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Living With Neuropathy

The Challenges of Living with Diabetes and Resulting Neuropathy

Living with diabetes is challenging enough, let alone enduring cold, numbness and deep burning sensations in your feet from painful diabetic neuropathy, as Roy did for years. He needed prescription medications, hot pads and constant breaks to manage his pain until he found HFX for PDN*.

Before HFX, Roy couldn’t walk more than 30 minutes without having to sit. “Now it’s no problem. I can make it through an entire shopping trip.” He is also able to stand longer with less pain during normal household activities such as doing dishes and making dinner.Under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Stauss, Roy started an HFX for PDN trial in January 2019. He noticed an improvement right away.

“I gained normal sensations and feeling in my feet that I didn’t have before. The overall pain and numbness were reduced by at least 80%,” he said.Roy had the implant procedure the very next month. “HFX for PDN has made my life better. I can get around better and be more active,” he said. “I’m getting ready for a 10+ hour road trip that I wouldn’t have been able to do without it.”

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*HFX for PDN is a Senza SCS system that uses 10 kHz Therapy to treat pain from diabetic neuropathy.