Intrathecal Pump

Intrathecal Pump Trial and permanent Implant

An intrathecal pain pump is a device used to treat chronic pain. When the condition doesn’t respond to conservative treatment therapies, the system of intrathecal pain pumps is useful. This method is used to deliver medications directly to the spinal cord. A pain pump is placed under the skin of the abdomen to deliver the targeted dose of medicine into the spinal cord.
Before the Intrathecal pump is planted, a trial is conducted to check if the pump is effective for the patient. In the results of the trial, if the pain is reduced by 50% or more, then the pump is implanted.


Who Can Use an Intrathecal Pain Pump?

Implantable drug delivery systems are one of the effective methods to treat chronic pain and other conditions. Additionally, people with certain neurologic illnesses can also take the benefits to relieve chronic muscle spasms. Any person with any of the following conditions can opt for the pain pump:

How is an Intrathecal Pain Pump Planted?

Intrathecal pain pumps are applied in two phases – trail and permanent. Specialist doctors will do a trial first before implanting the pump permanently. In the trial, a patient is given an injection of a small dose of medicine. It is done quickly and helps the doctor find the best medicine for your pain. If the pain is decreased by at least 50%, your doctor will schedule a pump implantation.

The procedure of pump implantation is initiated after giving you general anesthesia. It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete the pump implantation procedure. In it, a catheter and a pump are placed in the back and under the abdomen skin, respectively. The medication flow starts as soon as the catheter is connected to the pump.


It is a medical device that delivers medication directly to the spinal cord to treat chronic back pain.
One can see the side effects such as bleeding, infection, difficulty urination, increased pain, weakness, or swelling etc.
Yes, implanting an intrathecal pain pump is usually safe and secure.
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