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Acute Physical Trauma

Knee Injury

Acute Physical Trauma is defined as a singular traumatic event that is brief in duration and narrowly focused in nature. Common examples include; car accidents, work and home related accidents, recreational accidents, sports injuries, and unfortunately assault related injuries.

Acute Physical Trauma can result in; sprains and fractures of bones and vertebrae, strains and ruptures in muscles, tendons, and ligaments, damage to cartilage, vertebral discs, the spinal cord, nervous systems, and organs. Some damages to the nervous system can create long term chronic pain, numbness and tingling, sharp shooting pain, dull aches, and be permanent.

While the experience of acute physical trauma is not welcome, it is probable and almost an inevitable life experience. Thankfully, cutting edge science and technology has provided many treatments, procedures, non-invasive and innovative surgeries, along with alternatives to opioids, to prevent and treat short and long term chronic pain.

With understanding all of the variables surrounding an acute physical trauma, and collecting the appropriate data, such as imaging and other evaluations, a correct diagnosis and an appropriate and effective treatment plan can be developed and implemented.

Treatments may include, but not be limited to Multidisciplinary Pain Management Techniques such as:

  • Interventional
  • Pharmacological
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychological Protocols

Along with specific treatments such as:

  • Spinal Cord Stimulators (SCS) as a healthy alternative to opioids
  • Injections and blocks to prevent nerve pain
  • Vertiflex procedures for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (shortening of spaces in lumbar vertebrae)
  • Radiofrequency Ablation to block nerve pain
  • Kyphoplasty to restore the height of vertebral discs and space between vertebrae

If you’ve experienced an acute physical trauma, please contact our office right away so that we can give you the answers, options, and treatments you need to recover, minimize short term pain, and prevent or manage any long term chronic pain you may experience.