We’re pleased to announce that Pain Physicians of Wisconsin is now Pro Spine Pain.

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Franklin Pain Management Clinic

Talented Physicians in Franklin

Are you seeking a pain management physician with lots of clinical experience? Our Franklin practice boasts not only one but a team of several seasoned professionals. With four senior board-certified doctors specializing in pain management and anesthesiology, you’ll be connected to transformative treatment for your spine.

Most of them are Wisconsin natives or have gained their qualifications from notable Wisconsin institutes. What sets them apart from other specialists is their unified passion and a shared commitment to enhancing the health and quality of life for the residents within the state.

Collectively, our team possesses a comprehensive array of qualifications, experience, and research expertise in anesthesiology, interventional radiology, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Why Visit our Franklin Clinic

There’s a reason why we’re the top pain management clinic, and it’s all because of how we treat our patients. We specifically follow a patient-centric approach, balancing our medical input and your concerns to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Not only do we prioritize our patients, but we treat every interaction on an individual basis and keep it highly confidential.

We’re the leading provider of minimally invasive treatments and nonsurgical solutions for chronic pain. There are thousands in our patient pool who value our expertise and count on our advice. Whether you have sciatica, arthritis, headaches, migraines, neuralgia, degenerative spinal conditions, or anything else, we have a team that’s ready to treat you.

At Pro Spine & Pain Franklin, every doctor, nurse, and advanced practitioner is always evolving their skill sets and knowledge. They regularly attend training and conferences and upskill themselves in the latest procedures and innovative therapies designed to limit surgical intervention.

Whether sitting with them at an appointment or undergoing a procedure, you’ll have the most advanced and transformative treatment. Our passionate team cares and prioritizes your needs, which is why every treatment plan they devise is personalized to restore your quality of life.

Franklin Clinic

4202 W. Oakwood Park Ct. Franklin, WI 53132

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Our Franklin clinic is open seven days a week, with a full-fledged team of specialists ready to assist you. Situated in Oakwood Park Ct.

Our central location allows you to easily pop in between work, after the school rush, on lunch, or any time that suits your preference. Book an appointment with our team, gain a swift diagnosis, and take the next step to restore the quality of your life.

Updated on Jun 11, 2024 by Dr. Thomas Stauss (Pain Management) of Pro Spine & Pain

Thomas Stauss, MD

Thomas Stauss, MD, completed both his undergraduate and medical studies at the esteemed University of Wisconsin in Madison. Dr. Stauss values having access to a wide array of cutting-edge treatments, ensuring effective relief for his patients' discomfort and a significant enhancement in their quality of life. Dr. Stauss’s primary objective is to uphold the dignity of each patient while delivering ethical and professional services.

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